it happened.

it finally happened. i did it. i created a blog…my blog.

as you may know, i’ve been dreaming of this moment for quite some time. it just seemed that…well, life, got in the way. the last few years i wanted so badly to manage my home, my babies, being a wife, pregnancy, a blooming photography business, a blog AND every other curveball life threw my way…but it just didn’t seem i could manage.

fast forward to now. life is a little different. and i say that with a teeny bit of sarcasm…

77 days ago life changed. BIG time. we took the biggest leap of our lives and packed our whole world and headed to austin, TEXAS. yep. texas. leaving behind our people, our home, our business, our routine, our school, our favorite restaurants, our go-to weekend places, our disneyland (well, you know what i mean) and everything we’d ever known.

opportunities like this, seem to come few and far between nowadays, and after hours of talking, lists being made, pros and cons being weighed, tears, excitement, fear, anxiety, happiness and just about every emotion later, we decided to do it. we decided to take the plunge. we knew it would be worth it. we knew we would be building the life we always dreamed of. for ourselves and our three beautiful crazies.

i figure – what better time to start this ‘dream blog’, then now?! so here we go. this little place will be filled (perhaps sporadically) with little bits of us. photos, yes – lots of photos, updates, home stuff, recipes, traditions, parties, crafty stuff, and whatever else is floating my boat that day. i hope to keep our family and friends up to date on our new world out here, and hopefully make you all not feel so far (1400 miles far) away.

follow along this journey if you so wish, i’m excited for what is to come…

xo, marley

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