{friday house day} we’re building a house!

sooooooo!….. a huge part of our new adventure is that we’re BUILDING A HOUSE! weeeeee! i can tell you that this is honestly something we never thought we could do. a dream world we thought we’d never be a part of.

we started this journey back in may when we made the decision to move. we started online dreaming about buying a house, and weren’t sure if we should rent for awhile when we arrived, or if we should dive right into buying. we didn’t know the area too well, but my aunt is here and we had some friends who had good recommendations about areas to live and what would be a good fit for us. i fell in love with three neighborhoods in the area. brand spankin new ‘master plan communities’ as they call them. these places are BEAUTIFUL! they have pools, splash pads, parks, fire pits, community activities, clubs, and amazing schools all right in the neighborhood. i was dreaming of (and almost determined to) find a home in one of these unbelievable places.

it seemed our stars aligned and the ever-so-amazing ‘teravista’ was where we were meant to be. we found the perfect little floor plan, in the perfect little neighborhood, where a brand new school was being completed within walking distance. when we came to visit our new city in june, we checked out the property and fell in love. it was just what we hoped. we signed our contract, picked our lot, and went to ‘deco’ all in 2 days time. we needed to get these things handled before we went back to california, so they could get started on our house. while we were gone, they updated us on the status of the house every friday…so that’s why i’ve decided to continue ‘friday house day’ here on the blog! 🙂

i have a bit of catching up to do, considering our house is drywalled and getting ready for texture. so here’s a little recap of our journey thus far. {sorry, cell phone pictures are what i’ve got…}

here’s our lot, during our mini visit the first weekend of june…just grass, weeds and dirt.
6.6.15during june and july, they were working on inspections and permits from the city, then started prepping our electric, underground plumbing and the pour of our foundation…
6.29.15 we got to town with the kids after the big trip, we brought them to see their first glimpse of their new house. or, their mounds of dirt… 🙂
7.15.15cables are set, and it’s time for our foundation…8.5.15and now it’s real. our foundation was poured on august 11th, and things suddenly became reality.
8.11.15and just 3 days later, the first floor of our wood framing was all up!
8.14.14so we had a pizza party in it, of course!!!
8.14.15 (3) 8.14.15 (2)
nd the following week, the second story was up!8.20.15 (2)8.20.15big changes came quickly and this has happened this month in september…
8.28.15 9.1.15 (2)9.1.15 (3) 9.1.15
last week they did the insulation and drywall… (3) 9.23.15 (4)
9.23.15 (5) 9.23.15 (2)
they are also prepping the outside of our house for the stone and brick to be added. it’s something i love so much about the beautiful texas homes. can’t wait to see the things we picked come to life.
9.30.15 (6)and today, our walls are being textured as we speak! i’ll have updates on that and next weeks progress on next week’s friday house day! wooo!

wow. that was a bit of a novel, wasn’t it? if you’re still here, thanks for sticking around. this journey is not for the faint of heart. it’s been up, down and all around, but holy cow is it cool. it’s been something i’ll never forget, and i’m excited for each and every day’s progress.

…and i’m totally that person that drives by every.single.day. :l

xo, marley

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