{friday house day} walls, and paint and doors oh my!

this week has been all about walls! inside, outside and all around! as i mentioned last week, they were texturing our walls, and finished that over the weekend…
9.30.15 (2)10.5.15 (3)10.5.15 (4){photobomb courtesy of daddy and emy}

then on monday, they installed our cabinets!!!! {which was super exciting for me!}
10.5.15 (2){and also in the bathrooms!}

then on wednesday, they installed the garage door, all the inside doors and the trim. and yesterday, they did the first coat of paint! {sw agreeable gray}
10.5.15 (1)10.8.15 (4) 10.8.15 (3) 10.8.15 (2)
they also finished the stucco on the outside {needs to be painted}, and graded and prepped our front yard for our driveway, walkway and sidewalk!…
10.8.15 (1)
hopefully in the next few days, they’ll be pouring all that concrete, finishing the paint inside, and next week we should get started on flooring!

xo, marley

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