{friday house day} big changes!

last week was about walls, and this week was about floors! all of our flooring (besides the carpet) was installed!! unfortunately, i realized a little too late that they cover it all up once they are done (duh!) so i don’t have final pictures of any of it! 😦

they ended up pouring our driveway, walkways and sidewalk last friday! which was super exciting and kind of a relief. we were told that one hold up can be the concrete, because it is weather dependent and they usually wait till the very end of the build to lay it. with ‘the end’ of our build falling in November, we were scared rain might cause some issue. so we were stoked to see it done already and not have to worry about that potential delay before closing.

10.9.15 (1)10.9.15 (2)on tuesday they scraped, cleaned and prepped the slab for our flooring…

10.13.15 (1)10.13.15 (2)and while they were prepping and laying flooring in the house, they also painted the stucco on the outside. we picked a lighter color, and i love how it came out. i can’t WAIT to see the brick and stone we chose against it! hopefully they’ll get working on that soon.10.13.15 (3)

here was yesterday morning’s bathroom tile progress…10.15.15 (1)and when we went by last night – it was all DONE! (and covered) it’s pretty amazing how quickly they can lay flooring!10.15.15 (3)

next up is countertops! yay!

xo, marley

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