{friday house day!} movin right along…

we have had some yucky sickness going through the house this week, lots of vitamin c, cough syrup, lozenges, antibiotics and tissues all around! i’m not quite sure our bodies were ready for these texas season changes! we’ve got an epic storm that started our direction and i have a feeling it might have an effect the progress on the house this coming week!

we were so very excited to see that they installed our granite throughout the house last friday…
10.16.15 (1) and also my big beautiful FARMHOUSE sink!!!! {all the heart eyes!}
10.16.15 (3)10.16.15 (4)10.16.15 (5){they also had a little mess-up on the bathroom floor tile grout, and they ended up fixing that yesterday, so it’s now the gray it was supposed to be!}

they also added all the sinks, faucets, shower heads and details throughout the kitchen and bathrooms!

they started the trim work and the staircase and half wall details as well…
10.19.15and the stone arrived! which is even prettier in person! so they got started on the left side of the house…
10.17.1510.22.15 (2) 10.22.15 (1)i think next week they’ll be working on our backsplash, finishing cabinet trim, final paint, vents, outlets and all those little details!

we’re getting close to the finish line….just a few more weeks!!!

xo, marley.

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