{friday house day!} it’s all in the details…

the storms have continued this week, and luckily there were a few days without rain, so they were able to FINISH the brick and stone!! they still need to paint the garage, front door and stain the wood post and accents darker, but it’s very exciting to see this stage done!11.5.15

it’s been really dark inside the rooms and bathrooms with no sun in sight this week, so i don’t have photos…but they installed the master bathroom glass shower surround, all the bathroom mirrors, and bathroom accessories.

then today they installed all the light fixtures, recessed lighting and bathroom lights.
11.6.15 (2) 11.6.15 (3)next week they’ll be starting the landscaping, sprinkler systems and sod outside in both the back and front yards, and in the next two weeks they’ll be finishing up the details – ceiling fans, outlet covers, light switches, cabinet trim, and carpet installation!
11.6.15 (1)getting closerrrr……..!!!

xo, marley.

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