today you are one.

oh my sweet emy jane. today is oh so bittersweet. today you are one.

it’s hard to believe how fast time flies. having kids just makes each day go by like a minute and each minute go by like a second. i swear, it’s true what they say…don’t blink. it seems like just yesterday i was surviving my {longest} labor and so impatiently waiting to see who our ‘blueberry’ would be. you came out kicking and screaming and ready to rock this world. things haven’t really changed.

in this past year i’ve learned so much about myself as a mom. and although i’ve had unbreakable bonds and unexplainable relationships with your big brother and sister, i’ve never been connected to a baby like i am to you. our hearts beat the same beats and we breathe the same breaths. we just need a little silent stare at each other and the world seems right.

i never knew what mommy’s girl meant until i met you. you are my baby kangaroo. the jelly to my peanut butter.

you are obsessed with your paci and love to rub your softies against your cheek. we call you turkey because you let your paci holder hang from your paci so you have something soft against your cheek. you still sleep swaddled and love to be snuggled. you never laugh as hard as when you are watching your brother and sister. they brighten your world. you were a little apprehensive about baby food, and now i know why. you just wanted the good stuff. real food! you like pasta and cheese and avocados and just about any fruit. but you loooooveee ice cream. {i have NO idea where you got that from! 😉 } i love to watch your {3} teeth chompin on whatever you can get your hands on.

your little three teeth smile lights up my world. your big hazel eyes make me melt and are a clear crowd stopper. i can’t go four steps at the store without someone stopping to talk to you. you give them a little ‘hiiiiiii’ greeting and a cheesy smile. i bet you’ve made people’s days with that smile.

i’m holding on to every second of you. every milestone and minute i get to hold you, squeeze you, help you learn and watch you grow ever-too-quickly.

i’m so grateful for you. you were made for me. and i can’t wait to be apart of your big beautiful world for all time.


now. let us eat cake!



it’s my birthday and i’ll cry if i want to.







and here’s a sneak peek at her room! i’ll start doing a house tour one room at a time next week! up first – emersyn!

xo, marley.

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