{house tour} weston’s star wars room.

for a few years now, our dear son has been obsessed with star wars. toys, movies, shows, books, legos, clothes, shoes, you name it…he loves it. we knew without a doubt, his new room MUST be star wars themed. i had such a blast bringing this room to life.
IMG_8835sIMG_8892sbedding – target & amazon
far far away wall vinyl – new wave signs on etsy
stars and starships wall vinyl – piccadilly peddler on etsy
black nightstand, desk, dresser & shelf – ikea
music mp3 & lightsabers – target
how cool is this tie fighter mp3 player!? weston listens to music each night when he sleeps, so this was a must have christmas present for him. šŸ˜‰
IMG_8895sthe lightsaber holder is a broom/mop utility holder for the kitchen! it works perfectly!
we were searching for awhile to find something rad enough to fill this wall space. we came across these blueprints and knew they were perfect. totally in love with how they came out.
nothing like a lifesize stormtrooper in the corner of your room.
weston’s been loving these lego characters, so we figured he needed a place to setup all his creations. šŸ™‚ these floating shelves from ikea are the perfect thing!
thanks for looking. šŸ™‚ next up – kenna’s girly girl room!

xo, marley.

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