alright so i know there’s a few of you out there who love you some fixer upper!

if you have no idea what i’m talking about, then this post might not be of great meaning to you. but if you dooooo……then i think you’ll enjoy it. ūüôā

i, of course, after falling head over heels for the gaines’ love of original shiplap wood walls, wish i could have shiplap on every wall of my house. i absolutely love the simple texture it gives. and it’s crazy how something so simple can change a room completely.

i’m still trying to convince kyle to shiplap our 20 foot great room wall…..(it’s not lookin good)

but this was the perfect start…

the loft before…image1getting started…
image2some people cover up the lines between each board, to have the illusion that they are one solid board all the way across, but i like the look of the staggered pieces. but well, ocd. so we decided to create a pattern with our wood so we it would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, not just random boards put together.  image3
almost there…image4kyle nailing up the last board…image5fillin holes and prepping for paint.image6image7go time!image8image9
finished wall.image10and finally….all decorated!¬†IMG_4441

that raw wood look had kyle and i second guessing ourselves whether to leave it wood or paint it like we planned. i had THIS ^^ vision in my head for so long, so after sleeping on it – we decided to paint it like i originally planned. this also then stemmed the idea to create a wood wall in our master bedroom…

i’ll post that one next. ‚̧

xo, marley.


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