herringbone heaven.

as you may have seen in the last post, SHIPLAP…this project stemmed from the obsession we had with the raw wood look of our loft wall prior to painting it.

i convinced kyle to do another big project. a herringbone pattern wood wall in our master bedroom.

let me tell you folks…we.were.nervous about this one. if you didn’t know, kyle and i are pretty new to this house thing. he’s just getting his bearings with the saw and we’re kinda learning as we go with these projects.

but as usual…he’s a complete stud and we totally brought my dream to life here. it actually came out better than i could have envisioned. and i gotta tell ya…i love waking up and looking at it every morning.

here she is before…an awesome blank canvas. 🙂 image1layin down the pattern.image2board number one….image3rocking that pattern. (these were the easy ones…)image4here she is…image5kyle gave me the awesome task of staining her…image6and there she is, COMPLETE! image7and with our dresser and tv back in place…image9
and i’m pretty sure i never shared the rest of our master bedroom on here..so here’s that!image8small, simple and us. we love it. image10

thanks for lookin guys!

xo, marley.

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