barefoot in her kitchen…

i can hardly believe emersyn is already two. i swear i just sat in my bathroom crying when i finally saw two pink lines on that test!!!  she was so wanted. so dreamed about. so thought through. and came out so perfectly perfect for us.

she is so silly. she is the cuddliest little girl there is. she lights up when her daddy comes home each night. she screams at the top of her lungs when she sees her ‘bubba’ and ‘sissy’. she loves to make us laugh. she loves to hold hands. she’s ocd like her mama and is already the 2nd best cleaner in the house. she is my little buddy and i can’t imagine life without her.

every day emy pulls my hand until we go play in her room while she makes me some delicious concoction. sometimes ‘mama cofff’ (coffee), sometimes ‘soooop’, and sometimes ‘cucakes!'(which includes pancakes, cupcakes, and cookies)

so i decided what better place to do our little birthday session?!

barefoot. in her kitchen. ❤



XO. marley

2 thoughts on “barefoot in her kitchen…

  1. Beautiful kitchen! I’ve been wanting to give my daughters kitchen a facelift. We have the exact same Kidkraft one. Did you just spray paint all the fixtures that used to be silver/what was the process? It looks amazing!


    1. Thanks so much Alexandria! Yes! Before we put it together, I just layed out all the hardware and spray painted it with an all surface gold spray paint! It was super easy and dried quick! They’ve lasted pretty well, and we’ve had it for a year!


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