Laundry room refresh!

So most of the rooms in our house have been decorated. Weather it’s simple bathroom shelves, a little paint, or some wall art. But this room was a room in our home where I always kept the door closed. Never ‘showed it off’ during home tours, and never put much time into. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized – I REALLY need to make this room a happy one! With the amount of laundry I do…(three kids, two dogs and a husband who changes clothes a few times a day really adds up!) I thought it might really change my approach to laundry if my laundry room was pretty and pleasant to be in!

We were entirely past due on a new washer and dryer, so when we decided to splurge for a brand new set, I knew that would be the stepping stone to my laundry room makeover!

Take a look for yourself, this thing was far from cute…

Mismatched washer a dryer, standard white wood shelf, ‘cute’ boxes I tried to hide things in (but clearly that didn’t work) entirely too many half full paint cans, and a few signs slapped on the walls. We decided to splurge on the pedestals for our washer and dryer so I could make the walls a pretty place and be able to store my laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, lightbulbs, doggie goodies and toilet paper all underneath and hidden away.

So here’s my new happy place…
image1 (11).jpg

I have big dreams to one day paint and stencil the floors, but that will have to wait for another burst of energy ;)…

Thanks for visiting!!

xo Marley

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