Kennadie’s 8th Birthday Spa Party!

On Monday, my beautiful Kenna turned E I G H T. It’s hard to believe that number. It feels like just yesterday we were headed to the hospital to deliver our 8 pound, 8 ounce beauty.

Kennadie decided she wanted to have a birthday party with her school besties…so we started brainstorming ideas, and a spa theme was the winner.

I was so excited to plan this cute little girly girl shindig!

We did a cucumber facial, manicures, pedicures, lunch, shirley temples and cupcakes and cookies! These girls had such a blast….and so did I!!

As you can see…it was so much fun! 🙂

xo, marley.

you belong among the wildflowers…

it’s my favorite time in texas. spring time.

gorgeous weather, later sunsets, and these beautiful wildflowers all over austin. in the parks, along the highways, lining the streets and filling the lakesides.

doesn’t get much better!

aaaaaand round two, because why not?! 🙂 IMG_021IMG_022IMG_023IMG_024IMG_025IMG_026IMG_027IMG_028IMG_029

xo, marley.

it’s a very chambers christmas.

merry christmas guys! ❤

it’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. gosh, time flies!!!

the kids had an amazing day. filled with happiness, sillies, surprises and soooo many presents.

there is nothing that compares to that christmas morning magic. here are some photos of our christmas eve and christmas morning fun…
christmas jammies!!!IMG_1939
our attempt at family photos…IMG_1952IMG_1961we tried. IMG_1987
yep. that about sums it up.IMG_2123
cookie time!IMG_2124
hard at work…IMG_2127serious concentration. IMG_2163oh so beautiful. 🙂IMG_2174ready to put out our magic key for santa and sprinkle our reindeer food…IMG_2180IMG_2207notes to santa.IMG_2226IMG_2237IMG_2248all ready to go…IMG_2259
santa came!!!!!!
IMG_2306IMG_2286IMG_2303IMG_2290IMG_2314IMG_2324IMG_2337IMG_2351IMG_2353IMG_2356IMG_2358IMG_2361IMG_2367IMG_2379IMG_2388IMG_2408IMG_2418IMG_2433IMG_2443IMG_2445IMG_2456IMG_2459IMG_2464IMG_2466IMG_2478IMG_2483IMG_2486IMG_2504IMG_2509IMG_2522IMG_2528IMG_2539IMG_2543IMG_2551IMG_2564IMG_2574IMG_2577IMG_2584IMG_2610IMG_2613IMG_2630IMG_2645IMG_2659IMG_2671IMG_2679IMG_2682IMG_2685IMG_2693as you can see…it was a pretty awesome day. the rest of the afternoon we played outside on the kids new scooters, opened a million complicated boxes, tried out new toys, hatched a hatchimal, helped weston learn how to work his very first iphone, picked up wrapping paper and tape stuck to the floor for hours and soaked in every second that was our perfect christmas day. ❤

woo. that was a doozy. thanks for looking.

happy new year everyone.

xo, marley.

springtime in texas.

if there is one thing that’s for sure…it’s that springtime in texas is absolutely stunning. i’ve never seen so many wildflowers. all over the neighborhoods and lining the streets and even the freeways.

i’ve been dying to take the kids out for a session in the fields in our neighborhood, and attempted to do it last week with a big emy fail. so tonight with daddy’s help, we conquered the flowers!

here’s a few of my favorites from our flower mini session. these beautiful flowers are texas’ state flower – blue bonnets, and the red ones are indian paint brushes.
IMG_9246sIMG_9261IMG_9285sIMG_9295shappy spring. 🙂

xo, marley.

nine months…

today, this little pumpkin is NINE MONTHS OLD!!! {insert huge sad face here}
IMG_5639i can’t believe how fast the last few months have gone. i think having children just fast forwards your life. i remember when a month used to feel like an eternity. and now a month feels like three blinks.

emersyn has been a little well, lazy, errr…on ‘her own schedule’ you could say. weston and kennadie were on the move at 4 months old, crawling before they could sit up, and walking at 9 months. let’s just say emy does not feel the need to follow suit. 😉 but this month she did make some huge strides! i think she woke up one day and decided…today’s the day i’m going to grow up! two teeth popped out and she was on the move! she’s been army crawling for a month or so, and sitting for a while, but now she’s cruising the house and just started standing up against things. she gets this smirk as soon as she gets up. it’s pretty good.

she’s also fallen head over heels for her daddy lately. the whole world stops when he walks in the door. and let me tell you…it’s been a long time comin! needless to say, she’s got him riiiight where she wants him. {wrapped tightly around her tiny little finger}

here are some quick snaps from this morning…and as i tell her….i seriously couldn’t love her more. ❤

xo, marley