it’s a very chambers christmas.

merry christmas guys! ❤

it’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. gosh, time flies!!!

the kids had an amazing day. filled with happiness, sillies, surprises and soooo many presents.

there is nothing that compares to that christmas morning magic. here are some photos of our christmas eve and christmas morning fun…
christmas jammies!!!IMG_1939
our attempt at family photos…IMG_1952IMG_1961we tried. IMG_1987
yep. that about sums it up.IMG_2123
cookie time!IMG_2124
hard at work…IMG_2127serious concentration. IMG_2163oh so beautiful. 🙂IMG_2174ready to put out our magic key for santa and sprinkle our reindeer food…IMG_2180IMG_2207notes to santa.IMG_2226IMG_2237IMG_2248all ready to go…IMG_2259
santa came!!!!!!
IMG_2306IMG_2286IMG_2303IMG_2290IMG_2314IMG_2324IMG_2337IMG_2351IMG_2353IMG_2356IMG_2358IMG_2361IMG_2367IMG_2379IMG_2388IMG_2408IMG_2418IMG_2433IMG_2443IMG_2445IMG_2456IMG_2459IMG_2464IMG_2466IMG_2478IMG_2483IMG_2486IMG_2504IMG_2509IMG_2522IMG_2528IMG_2539IMG_2543IMG_2551IMG_2564IMG_2574IMG_2577IMG_2584IMG_2610IMG_2613IMG_2630IMG_2645IMG_2659IMG_2671IMG_2679IMG_2682IMG_2685IMG_2693as you can see…it was a pretty awesome day. the rest of the afternoon we played outside on the kids new scooters, opened a million complicated boxes, tried out new toys, hatched a hatchimal, helped weston learn how to work his very first iphone, picked up wrapping paper and tape stuck to the floor for hours and soaked in every second that was our perfect christmas day. ❤

woo. that was a doozy. thanks for looking.

happy new year everyone.

xo, marley.