we moved!

Y’all. I’m terrible at this blog thing. WE MOVED! We built a new house last year, and I’ll try to post some room tours and DIY’s we’ve done! For now, here’s a little walk down memory lane of our build process…

So much more to come…..

xo, marley.

you belong among the wildflowers…

it’s my favorite time in texas. spring time.

gorgeous weather, later sunsets, and these beautiful wildflowers all over austin. in the parks, along the highways, lining the streets and filling the lakesides.

doesn’t get much better!

aaaaaand round two, because why not?! 🙂 IMG_021IMG_022IMG_023IMG_024IMG_025IMG_026IMG_027IMG_028IMG_029

xo, marley.

barefoot in her kitchen…

i can hardly believe emersyn is already two. i swear i just sat in my bathroom crying when i finally saw two pink lines on that test!!!  she was so wanted. so dreamed about. so thought through. and came out so perfectly perfect for us.

she is so silly. she is the cuddliest little girl there is. she lights up when her daddy comes home each night. she screams at the top of her lungs when she sees her ‘bubba’ and ‘sissy’. she loves to make us laugh. she loves to hold hands. she’s ocd like her mama and is already the 2nd best cleaner in the house. she is my little buddy and i can’t imagine life without her.

every day emy pulls my hand until we go play in her room while she makes me some delicious concoction. sometimes ‘mama cofff’ (coffee), sometimes ‘soooop’, and sometimes ‘cucakes!'(which includes pancakes, cupcakes, and cookies)

so i decided what better place to do our little birthday session?!

barefoot. in her kitchen. ❤



XO. marley

springtime in texas.

if there is one thing that’s for sure…it’s that springtime in texas is absolutely stunning. i’ve never seen so many wildflowers. all over the neighborhoods and lining the streets and even the freeways.

i’ve been dying to take the kids out for a session in the fields in our neighborhood, and attempted to do it last week with a big emy fail. so tonight with daddy’s help, we conquered the flowers!

here’s a few of my favorites from our flower mini session. these beautiful flowers are texas’ state flower – blue bonnets, and the red ones are indian paint brushes.
IMG_9246sIMG_9261IMG_9285sIMG_9295shappy spring. 🙂

xo, marley.

today you are one.

oh my sweet emy jane. today is oh so bittersweet. today you are one.

it’s hard to believe how fast time flies. having kids just makes each day go by like a minute and each minute go by like a second. i swear, it’s true what they say…don’t blink. it seems like just yesterday i was surviving my {longest} labor and so impatiently waiting to see who our ‘blueberry’ would be. you came out kicking and screaming and ready to rock this world. things haven’t really changed.

in this past year i’ve learned so much about myself as a mom. and although i’ve had unbreakable bonds and unexplainable relationships with your big brother and sister, i’ve never been connected to a baby like i am to you. our hearts beat the same beats and we breathe the same breaths. we just need a little silent stare at each other and the world seems right.

i never knew what mommy’s girl meant until i met you. you are my baby kangaroo. the jelly to my peanut butter.

you are obsessed with your paci and love to rub your softies against your cheek. we call you turkey because you let your paci holder hang from your paci so you have something soft against your cheek. you still sleep swaddled and love to be snuggled. you never laugh as hard as when you are watching your brother and sister. they brighten your world. you were a little apprehensive about baby food, and now i know why. you just wanted the good stuff. real food! you like pasta and cheese and avocados and just about any fruit. but you loooooveee ice cream. {i have NO idea where you got that from! 😉 } i love to watch your {3} teeth chompin on whatever you can get your hands on.

your little three teeth smile lights up my world. your big hazel eyes make me melt and are a clear crowd stopper. i can’t go four steps at the store without someone stopping to talk to you. you give them a little ‘hiiiiiii’ greeting and a cheesy smile. i bet you’ve made people’s days with that smile.

i’m holding on to every second of you. every milestone and minute i get to hold you, squeeze you, help you learn and watch you grow ever-too-quickly.

i’m so grateful for you. you were made for me. and i can’t wait to be apart of your big beautiful world for all time.


now. let us eat cake!



it’s my birthday and i’ll cry if i want to.







and here’s a sneak peek at her room! i’ll start doing a house tour one room at a time next week! up first – emersyn!

xo, marley.

finishing touches…

each week the house feels more and  more ready for us to move into!!!! the house is practically finished! we have just a few minor things to finish in the next week, and it’ll be DONE!

with next week being a short week, i likely won’t blog, but they’ll just be cleaning up spots, patching and painting, and doing some random fixes around the house. we are set to start the Q/A process and first walk through the first week of December, and HOPEFULLY closing on Monday, December 14th! major fingers crossed for that!

this week they painted all of our trim, did our subway tile backsplash, installed our blinds, did another coat of paint, started spot treating the walls and perfecting everything.

sorry for the photos…with it getting dark so early now, my photos are all in the darkness!

11.20.15 (1)11.20.15 (2)11.20.15 (3)11.20.15 (4)

i hope your thanksgiving week is fabulous! i am thankful for you!

xo, marley.

{friday house day!} the finish line is so close……

this week was a big one. lots of people in and out, lots of stuff going on! lots of things getting checked off our list!

the shower and tub tile in the master was finished.
11.14.15 (2)we were also stoked to see that they installed all the carpet! for whatever reason, this made it feel so real! so ‘almost there’!!!
11.14.15 (1) 11.14.15 (5)all of our switches and outlets are in and rockin, and our electricity is even on!
11.14.15 (3)they installed our appliances also! now all that’s left in the kitchen is the final trim work and sink surround, and the subway tile backsplash!
11.14.15 (4)
we’ll also be installing our new gorgeous black faucet and hardware before we move in!}

and the biggest transformation came outside…they finished our yard, grass, landscaping and fence…
11.14.15 (6){backyard}
11.13.15 (3){front yard in progress}
11.14.15 (8) 11.14.15 (7)11.14.15 (9)
{and the finished yard!}
there are still a few things left to do outside – staining the pillar and accent wood pieces, and painting the garage and front door.

prettttyyyyy excited! they are estimating our close date for the week of december 14th. fingers crossed! ❤

xo, marley.

{friday house day!} it’s all in the details…

the storms have continued this week, and luckily there were a few days without rain, so they were able to FINISH the brick and stone!! they still need to paint the garage, front door and stain the wood post and accents darker, but it’s very exciting to see this stage done!11.5.15

it’s been really dark inside the rooms and bathrooms with no sun in sight this week, so i don’t have photos…but they installed the master bathroom glass shower surround, all the bathroom mirrors, and bathroom accessories.

then today they installed all the light fixtures, recessed lighting and bathroom lights.
11.6.15 (2) 11.6.15 (3)next week they’ll be starting the landscaping, sprinkler systems and sod outside in both the back and front yards, and in the next two weeks they’ll be finishing up the details – ceiling fans, outlet covers, light switches, cabinet trim, and carpet installation!
11.6.15 (1)getting closerrrr……..!!!

xo, marley.

our lost babies…{halloween 2015}

it was our first halloween here in texas, and let me tell you – it was a good one!

we were invited by some new friends (and future neighbors) to join the little cul-da-sac block party and trick-or-treat our future neighborhood! we had a blast, the kids were in heaven, and we met tons of our amazing new neighbors! we are so excited to live in a place full of families, sweet people and an amazing lifestyle for our babies. it makes us that much more excited to get in the house!

here are some photos of our peter pan crew…
IMG_5127 IMG_5152IMG_5181 IMG_5282 IMG_5301 happy halloween, from our lost babies, to yours. ❤