{friday house day!} it’s all in the details…

the storms have continued this week, and luckily there were a few days without rain, so they were able to FINISH the brick and stone!! they still need to paint the garage, front door and stain the wood post and accents darker, but it’s very exciting to see this stage done!11.5.15

it’s been really dark inside the rooms and bathrooms with no sun in sight this week, so i don’t have photos…but they installed the master bathroom glass shower surround, all the bathroom mirrors, and bathroom accessories.

then today they installed all the light fixtures, recessed lighting and bathroom lights.
11.6.15 (2) 11.6.15 (3)next week they’ll be starting the landscaping, sprinkler systems and sod outside in both the back and front yards, and in the next two weeks they’ll be finishing up the details – ceiling fans, outlet covers, light switches, cabinet trim, and carpet installation!
11.6.15 (1)getting closerrrr……..!!!

xo, marley.

our lost babies…{halloween 2015}

it was our first halloween here in texas, and let me tell you – it was a good one!

we were invited by some new friends (and future neighbors) to join the little cul-da-sac block party and trick-or-treat our future neighborhood! we had a blast, the kids were in heaven, and we met tons of our amazing new neighbors! we are so excited to live in a place full of families, sweet people and an amazing lifestyle for our babies. it makes us that much more excited to get in the house!

here are some photos of our peter pan crew…
IMG_5127 IMG_5152IMG_5181 IMG_5282 IMG_5301 happy halloween, from our lost babies, to yours. ❤

{friday house day!} rain rain go awayyyy…

not much to report this week! we’ve had some crazy storms here and it’s caused a bit of a delay with the house action. we had our cable outlets installed and our alarm system set up and wired.

they should be finishing up with the stone and brick in the next couple days…they finished both sides, now they just need to finish the front and the porch!
10.29.15 (1) 10.29.15 (2)hopefully next week, i’ll have more to report!!

xo, marley.

nine months…

today, this little pumpkin is NINE MONTHS OLD!!! {insert huge sad face here}
IMG_5639i can’t believe how fast the last few months have gone. i think having children just fast forwards your life. i remember when a month used to feel like an eternity. and now a month feels like three blinks.

emersyn has been a little well, lazy, errr…on ‘her own schedule’ you could say. weston and kennadie were on the move at 4 months old, crawling before they could sit up, and walking at 9 months. let’s just say emy does not feel the need to follow suit. 😉 but this month she did make some huge strides! i think she woke up one day and decided…today’s the day i’m going to grow up! two teeth popped out and she was on the move! she’s been army crawling for a month or so, and sitting for a while, but now she’s cruising the house and just started standing up against things. she gets this smirk as soon as she gets up. it’s pretty good.

she’s also fallen head over heels for her daddy lately. the whole world stops when he walks in the door. and let me tell you…it’s been a long time comin! needless to say, she’s got him riiiight where she wants him. {wrapped tightly around her tiny little finger}

here are some quick snaps from this morning…and as i tell her every.single.day….i seriously couldn’t love her more. ❤

xo, marley

a letter to my boy.

weston joseph,

my first. my only boy. my heart.

well my dude, where do i begin?

it’s hard to believe you’ll be blowing out nine candles in just a few short months. time just seems to soar by me, leaving me with a million smiles, uncountable memories, and a slight (huge) dream that time will slow down. just a tiny bit. (okay maybe a lot)

i’m so grateful god chose you to be the one that made me a mommy. you’ve taught me so much and continue teaching me, guiding me, and loving me through all my faults. so lovingly making sure i know your unfaltering love for me.

you continue to blow me away in this new transition. a new life, a new state, a temporary home, a new school, with new people, and a whole new set of hurdles. ones you jump with pride and perfect execution. today i met with your teacher who sat and praised you for every second of all 29 minutes i was there. beyond your reading level, math grades, and test scores, she told me stories on stories of how you are helpful, compassionate, brave and friendly. how you seemed to mold right in with people and always seem to find common ground. always including anyone who looks lonely, lost or in need of some attention. confident, but not cocky. happy and laughing, and always making people smile. i sat with a giant smile on my face as she settled all the fears i had in moving here.

but really, none of that surprised me. that’s exactly who you are. you are selfless, bold, honest, smart, and you love this life and make the best of everything you possibly can. words cannot nearly describe the pride i have in being your mom. truly.

i love you, forever. to the moon and back. to infinity and beyond.

thank you, for guiding me and daddy, teaching us how to be parents, and being the definition of true love.

xo, mom.

photo credit: kathryn riley photography
photo credit: kathryn riley photography