herringbone heaven.

as you may have seen in the last post, SHIPLAP…this project stemmed from the obsession we had with the raw wood look of our loft wall prior to painting it.

i convinced kyle to do another big project. a herringbone pattern wood wall in our master bedroom.

let me tell you folks…we.were.nervous about this one. if you didn’t know, kyle and i are pretty new to this house thing. he’s just getting his bearings with the saw and we’re kinda learning as we go with these projects.

but as usual…he’s a complete stud and we totally brought my dream to life here. it actually came out better than i could have envisioned. and i gotta tell ya…i love waking up and looking at it every morning.

here she is before…an awesome blank canvas. 🙂 image1layin down the pattern.image2board number one….image3rocking that pattern. (these were the easy ones…)image4here she is…image5kyle gave me the awesome task of staining her…image6and there she is, COMPLETE! image7and with our dresser and tv back in place…image9
and i’m pretty sure i never shared the rest of our master bedroom on here..so here’s that!image8small, simple and us. we love it. image10

thanks for lookin guys!

xo, marley.


alright so i know there’s a few of you out there who love you some fixer upper!

if you have no idea what i’m talking about, then this post might not be of great meaning to you. but if you dooooo……then i think you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

i, of course, after falling head over heels for the gaines’ love of original shiplap wood walls, wish i could have shiplap on every wall of my house. i absolutely love the simple texture it gives. and it’s crazy how something so simple can change a room completely.

i’m still trying to convince kyle to shiplap our 20 foot great room wall…..(it’s not lookin good)

but this was the perfect start…

the loft before…image1getting started…
image2some people cover up the lines between each board, to have the illusion that they are one solid board all the way across, but i like the look of the staggered pieces. but well, ocd. so we decided to create a pattern with our wood so we it would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, not just random boards put together.  image3
almost there…image4kyle nailing up the last board…image5fillin holes and prepping for paint.image6image7go time!image8image9
finished wall.image10and finally….all decorated! IMG_4441

that raw wood look had kyle and i second guessing ourselves whether to leave it wood or paint it like we planned. i had THIS ^^ vision in my head for so long, so after sleeping on it – we decided to paint it like i originally planned. this also then stemmed the idea to create a wood wall in our master bedroom…

i’ll post that one next. ❤

xo, marley.


springtime in texas.

if there is one thing that’s for sure…it’s that springtime in texas is absolutely stunning. i’ve never seen so many wildflowers. all over the neighborhoods and lining the streets and even the freeways.

i’ve been dying to take the kids out for a session in the fields in our neighborhood, and attempted to do it last week with a big emy fail. so tonight with daddy’s help, we conquered the flowers!

here’s a few of my favorites from our flower mini session. these beautiful flowers are texas’ state flower – blue bonnets, and the red ones are indian paint brushes.
IMG_9246sIMG_9261IMG_9285sIMG_9295shappy spring. 🙂

xo, marley.

{house tour} kennadie’s girlie girl room.

i’m so excited to show you miss kennadie’s room! this was the first room we worked on when we got the keys, and man was it QUITE the project. we did gray stripes in our last house, but these tall ceilings and perfect trim lines made this paint job a little harder than we anticipated. after three days, a ladder, three cans of paint, a few rolls of frog tape, and many cuss words later – her epic room was painted. 🙂
IMG_001sIMG_002swhen we found this floor plan we absolutely fell in love with the size of the kids bedrooms and closets. we love that they have so much room to play and still have functional, cute furniture!
major inspiration for this room came from this insanely adorable teepee from land of nod. we absolutely LOVE this thing and the kids are always playing in it!
bed – coleman furniture
bedding – target
desk – ikea
dresser – craigslist score that i refinished
teepee – land of nod
frames & gallery wall decor – hobby lobby and target
as you’ve probably noticed i have a pretty heavy obsession with my cricut. #personalizeallthethings!!! and i’m a little banner crazy. 🙂

that’s all folks! thanks for looking!! i’m finishing up the kids bathroom, so hopefully i’ll post that soon!

xo, marley.

{house tour} weston’s star wars room.

for a few years now, our dear son has been obsessed with star wars. toys, movies, shows, books, legos, clothes, shoes, you name it…he loves it. we knew without a doubt, his new room MUST be star wars themed. i had such a blast bringing this room to life.
IMG_8835sIMG_8892sbedding – target & amazon
far far away wall vinyl – new wave signs on etsy
stars and starships wall vinyl – piccadilly peddler on etsy
black nightstand, desk, dresser & shelf – ikea
music mp3 & lightsabers – target
how cool is this tie fighter mp3 player!? weston listens to music each night when he sleeps, so this was a must have christmas present for him. 😉
IMG_8895sthe lightsaber holder is a broom/mop utility holder for the kitchen! it works perfectly!
we were searching for awhile to find something rad enough to fill this wall space. we came across these blueprints and knew they were perfect. totally in love with how they came out.
nothing like a lifesize stormtrooper in the corner of your room.
weston’s been loving these lego characters, so we figured he needed a place to setup all his creations. 🙂 these floating shelves from ikea are the perfect thing!
thanks for looking. 🙂 next up – kenna’s girly girl room!

xo, marley.

{house tour} family room & kitchen.

i’m so so excited to be sharing our new home with you! we have been working hard and planning and DIYing like crazy! after being in the building process for 6 months, i had lots of time to envision and dream up a plan for each and every space in our home. one of the things that made us fall in love with our floorplan was the open concept. if you have kids, you probably completely understand my want for an open concept living space. i spend many hours in the kitchen and it’s always been one of my favorite places to be, so knowing we could have eyes on our family room, and babies playing at all times was a dream.
this is the view from our front door. 🙂
this gallery wall was another elaborate idea that swirled in my head for a few months. actually bringing it to life was quite a process, but in the end – it’s more than i even hoped for. i ordered the rad california and big c from craftcuts.com, then kyle and i stained them with an ebony stain. one of my favorite parts of this wall are the kids silhouettes. we did them ourselves on my handy cricut. 🙂 pretty obsessed.
paint color – sherwin williams ‘agreeable gray’
trim color – sherwin williams ‘extra white’
couch – ashley furniture ‘chamberly alloy sectional’
accent pillows – at home
wood california and c – craftcuts.com {unfinished}
white wood frames – cut it out {unfinished}
rug – ikea
not sure if you remember, but this was our old shabby chic white coffee table from our old house. we had a big black rectangle table in here, and i was planning to sell this one. but i felt so sad letting it go…then had a little epiphany, and decided to give it a facelift. i knew it would be the perfect pop of color this room needed.
forever our home. ❤

here’s the view from the kitchen.
i dream of a wall of white built-ins. but since it wasn’t an option, i thought i’d find something that came close.
another selling point on this floorplan, was the giant vaulted ceilings throughout the family room area and those big beautiful windows.
entertainment center – ikea
curtains – amazon

when kyle and i went into our ‘deco’ appointment for our house, we spent hours upon hours picking out every little thing…cabinets, paint, flooring, fixtures, hardware, lighting, granite, backsplash, appliances, trim, where each outlet was, what cables we needed, details…details…DETAILS. it was one of the most overwhelming days of my life. so surreal, so stressful, so wonderful. the whole house was dreamy…but the kitchen was going to put me on cloud nine. for me, it’s the heart of the home. i spend so much time in the kitchen, and i had this thing dreamed up in my head for all of my adult life. some of our options were a little limited, but we chose my white custom cabinets, black countertops, a white subway tile backsplash, black farmhouse hardware, stainless steel appliances, a swoonworthy black matte faucet, and the cherry on top…my farmhouse sink. {all the heart eyes!!!}
appliances – whirlpool
faucet – pfister
teal mason jar decor – world market
chalkboard, YUM letters and wood plaques – hobby lobby
still working on curtains for the dining room, but here it is in all it’s glory. 😉

welp. that’s it! hope you enjoyed your virtual tour. i wish we could have you all over for dinner. guess you’ll have to make a trip to texas! 🙂

i’ll have weston’s room up on the blog next week. get excited for some serious star wars love.

xo, marley.

{house tour} emersyn’s room.

slowly but surely, our little house is becoming a home. we decided to rock out the kids rooms first, and that seemed easy at the time….but definitely turned out to be a little more work than we anticipated.

i’m sure our home will never be ‘finished’, but the kids rooms are definitely good for now! 😉

first on the house tour, is miss emy’s nursery. as you all probably know, i’ve been dying for a pink and gold nursery…so that’s exactly what she got.

i’m pretty much obsessed…


emersyn wood name – craftcuts.com {i bought it unfinished and glitterfy and modge podged it}
crib – davinci ‘jayden’ from babies.r.us
bedding – three wishes bedding 
fabric banner – made by me with michael miller’s brambleberry ridge and glitz lines.
curtains – amazon



wall & ladder decor : hobby lobby, amazon, ikea & kates crafty heart.


thanks for looking. 🙂 i swear, i’m going to try to be better at this blog thing!

xo, marley.


today you are one.

oh my sweet emy jane. today is oh so bittersweet. today you are one.

it’s hard to believe how fast time flies. having kids just makes each day go by like a minute and each minute go by like a second. i swear, it’s true what they say…don’t blink. it seems like just yesterday i was surviving my {longest} labor and so impatiently waiting to see who our ‘blueberry’ would be. you came out kicking and screaming and ready to rock this world. things haven’t really changed.

in this past year i’ve learned so much about myself as a mom. and although i’ve had unbreakable bonds and unexplainable relationships with your big brother and sister, i’ve never been connected to a baby like i am to you. our hearts beat the same beats and we breathe the same breaths. we just need a little silent stare at each other and the world seems right.

i never knew what mommy’s girl meant until i met you. you are my baby kangaroo. the jelly to my peanut butter.

you are obsessed with your paci and love to rub your softies against your cheek. we call you turkey because you let your paci holder hang from your paci so you have something soft against your cheek. you still sleep swaddled and love to be snuggled. you never laugh as hard as when you are watching your brother and sister. they brighten your world. you were a little apprehensive about baby food, and now i know why. you just wanted the good stuff. real food! you like pasta and cheese and avocados and just about any fruit. but you loooooveee ice cream. {i have NO idea where you got that from! 😉 } i love to watch your {3} teeth chompin on whatever you can get your hands on.

your little three teeth smile lights up my world. your big hazel eyes make me melt and are a clear crowd stopper. i can’t go four steps at the store without someone stopping to talk to you. you give them a little ‘hiiiiiii’ greeting and a cheesy smile. i bet you’ve made people’s days with that smile.

i’m holding on to every second of you. every milestone and minute i get to hold you, squeeze you, help you learn and watch you grow ever-too-quickly.

i’m so grateful for you. you were made for me. and i can’t wait to be apart of your big beautiful world for all time.


now. let us eat cake!



it’s my birthday and i’ll cry if i want to.







and here’s a sneak peek at her room! i’ll start doing a house tour one room at a time next week! up first – emersyn!

xo, marley.